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well theres sort of a way but its not tryed much:

Create an access point for your phone, going bye my 7610 i follow this path,

Settings, Connection, Access points, Options, New access point,default settings

now these are the settings wich i have used

ConnectionName: realy you can use anything here even poopoo if you want as long as you can remember it,

Data bearer: GPRS

Access point name, ok now you need to put the name that you gave to your (BT,NTL,or wot eva)

connection when pairing it up with pc, ok now

Username: just put none

Password: No

Authentication: Normal

Gateway IP Address :

ok now go to

settings,,connection,,and select GPRS

set the GPRS connection to when available, and the access point to none

thats it for the settings... ok now;

Create a serial port connection from ur pc to ur phone ,

this serial connection must always be on when you want to use your pc internet connection as a gprs connection for ur phone!!

Install the software u need to surf the web ,,netfronts cool

hope this wrks with you matey.........


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