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You may be knowing that to run a perticular
windows executable program ( .exe, .pif, .com files) directly you need to open it from
Start>Run and typing in the name of it. Here are some of the useful shortcut commands.
(Tip - You can directly open 'Run' by pressing Windows+R keys at a time.)
command - to run MS - DOS (.com, .pif)
calc - to run calculator (.exe)
control - to open Control Panel (.exe)
defrag - to defrag the hard disk drives (.exe)
dialer - for dialing seups (.exe)
dosprompt - to get a minimized DOS window (.pif)
explorer - to open Windows Explorer (.exe., .scf)

ftp - for File Transfer Protocol if internet is connected (.exe)
ms-dos~1/ms-dos~2 - for fully MS-DOS mode. No Windows O.S. (.pif)
net - for net information cum help (.exe)
ping - for bytes information and bandwidth of internet connection information (.exe)
regedit - to open Registry (.exe)
telnet - command runner if the system is conncected in a UNIX system network (.exe)
tuneup - for Task Scheduling wizard, i.e. Task Maintanance (.exe)
notepad - to run Notepad (.exe)
write - to run Wordpad (.exe)
scanregw - to scan the Registry and to backup it (.exe)
progman - to maintain, run and view the files in all drives (.exe)
directcc - to join your computer in cable conncetion with other computers (.exe)
scandskw - to open Scandisk to scan the hard drives (.exe)
winfile - Windows File Manager
taskman - to manage current running open programs or files. Nice replacement for default Windows taskbar
msconfig - to maintain the configuration of computer. It will show the options like General,
Startup including files Autoexec.bat, Config.sys, System.ini and Win.ini. (Autoexec.bat & Config.sys are MS-DOS files)
winrep - to run Windows Report Tool - Accessories>System Tools>System Information (.exe)
winver - to know the version of Windows
packager - insert objects in documets, presentations or worksheets
winfile - another Windows Explorer (.exe)
clipbook - a simple utility that allws you to save and recall several pages or graphics. (.exe)
sysedit - view or edit system files from within one window (.exe)


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