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This is the technique used to get free Links or items from the payable site.. moreover this works on the selected site..

Just a little basic knowledge of html is required for those who are trying to download an application or item from sites which has an paypal order page & link to start you off.

Use a proxy when you try this to hide your ip or any ip hiding softwares just because some sites scan the IP address which may locate you..

Here is the trick

1) Right click your mouse (ctrl+click) on the page, view source and open the source of the site in an a text editor.

2) Search for the word “return”.

3) Next to it you can find the url for the thank you page

4) Copy the url and paste it in your browser and you will see the download link

This works only if you can download instantly after payment, it will not work if the link needs to be emailed to you.



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